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What is the Open Dictionary?

The Open Dictionary is an extensible, hierarchical, meta-encyclopedia.

The Open Dictionary resembles a directory website in that it offers browsing and searching. However, unlike most Web directories, the Open Dictionary is knowledge-oriented, and extensible by users. In other words, anyone can share their knowledge at the Open Dictionary.

Further unlike most Web directories, each link at the Open Dictionary serves as a competing definition for the current context.

Typically, the highest rated "definition" will be a link to a "home page" covering the context completely. Guidelines for creating "definition home pages" can be found here.

Current Contents of the Open Dictionary

The Open Dictionary is in its infancy. The main contexts available right now are those we (the developers) know something about, such as signal processing applications in computer music. In addition, especially excellent knowledge-oriented sites, such as Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, were "spidered" in order to create almost all of the entries you will find under Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, and Music Theory at this point.

Note that one basic purpose of the Open Dictionary is to accommodate all definitive links on a context, ranking them according to quality. Since we are just getting started, most contexts only have one definition at this point.

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Things you can do on this website

In summary, at the Open Dictionary website, you can

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The Open Dictionary is a World Wide Web of Knowledge (W3K) project.