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Guidelines for Good "Concept Home Page" Development

A concept home page (CHP) is a Web destination constructed for one specific context. A CHP attempts to cover its context exhaustively in a top-down way, leveraging links to other CHPs as much as possible. In general, CHPs provide the best "definitions" at the Open Dictionary.

An example of a concept home page is

The Digital Audio Resampling Home Page

It is organized as follows:

  • A link to a general introduction (what is it?)
  • A link to open-source software available for immediate download
  • A link to an advanced tutorial on the subject
  • Links to related sites

Two more examples of decent concept home pages include

The Kalman Filter Home Page
The Official String Theory Web Site

A talk related to concept home pages is

``Implications of the Web for Academic Publishing''

Tools for conveniently managing online and hardcopy versions of concept home pages generated from LaTeX are described (and provided) in

``Tools for Publishing LaTeX files on the Web''.

Using these tools, publications may be generated automatically to the Web in HTML, PDF, and compressed PostScript formats. The footer of every HTML page includes a full bibliographic citation, and hyperlinks for downloading either of the two hardcopy formats for printing. Thanks to latex2html, every page also contains ``context links'' (`next', `previous', `up', `contents', 'index', etc.), which serve to orient the reader. These features are especially useful when a page is reached via a hyperlink, such as from a Web search engine. The Digital Audio Resampling Home Page was generated using these tools, for example.

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